Your Best Results Realized

Think Bigger. Accelerate Growth. Make an Impact.

Your Best Results Realized

Think Bigger. Accelerate Growth. Make an Impact.

"I help leaders and business owners turn their projects and ideas into success. I have worked with hundreds of companies and I am known to bring energy, assertiveness and urgency to projects, engaging individuals and teams on the journey."

~ Silvia Pencak

Meet Silvia Pencak

Silvia is regularly called a Juggernaut accelerating the speed of change.

She's been passionate about freedom and empowerment her entire life.

Her unparalleled ability to jump into projects in process, get people on board and make decisions quickly turned countless mission critical projects from the brink of disaster to successful outcomes.

She brings much needed energy, assertiveness and urgency to projects, driving them to the desired results while making everyone feel like they are part of the solution.

In addition to rapidly solving problems, Silvia's knack to modify plans as they evolve helps leaders and teams adapt to unknowns that occur during mission critical projects and initiatives.

She is the secret weapon behind the success of many projects, businesses, and organizations in Canada and globally.

Who We Are


Turn projects and ideas into success.


Equip leaders and their teams for wins.


  • Growth: We are committed to continuously learning and improving to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.
  • Integrity: We value transparency and ethical behaviour in all aspects of our business.
  • Innovation: We believe in constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new ideas to exceed expectations of our clients.
  • Collaboration: We believe that collaboration leads to more significant impact.

Take a Step Forward

Growth doesn't just happen. YOU make it happen!

Improving status quo for your organization takes action and courage.

Silvia helped countless leaders and organizations dissolve change resistance, make teams work together and leaders to shine.

Will you be next?

Silvia Gives Back

Silvia understands first-hand the importance and power of giving back. In 2002 she founded and built a non-profit organization JONA which served women, children and communities in Eastern Slovakia. The strategy and structure she built for the organization prior to immigrating to Canada in 2006 kept the organization for years.

In 2018 Silvia accepted a position at WBE Canada, national nonprofit organization helping Canadian women-owned businesses access large corporate and government supply chains. Under her leadership organization grew to multi-million dollar operation with 15 employees, valuable programming and support for women-owned businesses as well as supplier diversity professionals.

Silvia is a Board Secretary at Kerr Street Mission (local charity, Canada) and volunteered as a judge at CanadianSME Small Business Magazine Awards and BMO for Women awards, advisor to PSPC Minister, PM SEC, WTO reform, CUSMA Small Business group, and many other groups and organizations in Canada and abroad.

Silvia is passionate about volunteering her time, know-how and resources to higher purpose and making a difference in communities she is part of. Our clients us empower more organizations around the globe.